Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She climbs...and bleeds

Adeline has discovered climbing over the weekend, even through her flu bug.  She started climbing onto the hearth Saturday night when Jon and I were sitting there by the fire.  She's very safe about climbing up there, but then doesn't know how to get back down.  We stay right by her anytime she's near the hearth.  I don't feel like we can teach her to stay off it since Jon and I like to sit there by the fire.  She's feeling a lot better today, so has climbed up there several times.  She likes to sit there and look at the Christmas tree.

Silly face

Pretty tree

She also got her first bloody lip tonight, but NOT from climbing.  Jon and I were on the couch and she was walking around the living room with her remote.  She was walking between us and the coffee table when her feet slipped out from under her and she hit her mouth on the coffee table.  It was awful!  She bled and bled and screamed and screamed and I thought I was going to pass out.  We quickly administered some ibuprofen and gave her an ice pack.  The bleeding stopped after about 5 minutes then we got ready for a bath.  I stripped her down for her bath and told her, "Go see Daddy, he's got your bath water ready" and her cute like naked booty walked into her bathroom.  It was adorable!  Once she was in the bath tub, she was happy.  I got a few pictures of her fat lip.

Poor baby, she can't catch a break!

She had been fever-free for 24 hours today, but tonight it has started to rise again.  Right before bed it was 100.3, so not quite a fever, but close.  We'll see how she is in the morning....


  1. Oh, it's so hard to have a sick baby! And Shepherd's face has a couple of little bruises on it too. This stage is rough--they're always bumping or banging into something, it seems like.

  2. I love the sweet pictures of Adeline on the hearth. She gets more precious every day. I love you all so very much!
    Momma aka Nana