Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is Christmas?

Just what is Christmas anyway?  Why do we celebrate?  Why is December 25 a very special date?  Is it about the Christmas tree, with all the twinkling lights?

Is it about the Christmas cards, the ones my mommy writes?

Is it about the mistletoe, where Mommy & Daddy kiss?

Is it about the Christmas play, the one we never miss?  Is Christmas about Christmas gifts?  I love them very much.

Is Christmas about Santa Claus?  His beard is fun to touch.

Is Christmas about candy canes?  I think they taste quite nice.

Is Christmas about Santa's list?  They say he checks it twice.  Or maybe it's about the food!  Mom's Christmas cookies rule!

Or maybe it's about the snow.  White Christmases are cool!

Is it about the Christmas songs, the ones we sing each year?  Is it about the Christmas elves and Santa's eight reindeer?
No, that's not what Christmas is about!  All of these things are really nice, and superduper fun, but Christmas is much more than that, it's all about God's son.  God sent his son, Jesus Christ from heaven up above.  He came to earth to save the world - God's greatest gift of love.  So, Christmas is the Lord's birthday the day he came to earth.  Forever we will celebrate his very special birth!

Okay, now I get it.  Santa Claus and Christmas trees and presents are okay, but Jesus is the real reason we have a Christmas day!

**Written by Michelle Medlock Adams

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Looks like you all had a very merry sad I didn't get to see you all. The poem was very sweet, Love you very much!!