Monday, December 6, 2010

We've Been Bitten

By the flu bug!  As you read yesterday, Adeline woke up Sunday morning with 103 degree fever.  We called the nurse line at the hospital twice throughout the day and she told us the same thing both times.  It was not an emergency; just keep pushing fluids and ibuprofen and get her in to see her pediatrician ASAP Monday morning.  So that's just what we did.  Adeline continued to eat and drink well all day yesterday, but she was very fussy.  She wanted to be held constantly, and I was more than happy to do just that.  I checked her temp and gave her meds in her sleep throughout the night, then called the doc first thing this morning.  She already had an appointment to go in for vaccines and a flu shot, so we just changed that from a nurse's visit to a doctor's visit (& postponed the shots).  I was hoping it was an ear infection because I knew that was easily treatable.  She looked in both her ears and nothing.  She then had to swab her throat and nose and Adeline did NOT like that one bit!  She tested positive for Flu B (the first case the dr has seen this season).  The doctor also said it was too late for Tamiflu, so she prescribed that for Jon and me instead.  She gave us instructions to push Tylenol & Ibuprofen around the clock and keep giving her lots of fluids.  Her temp is still fluctuating (as high as 103.6 this afternoon), but this evening she's acting like she feels a little better.  Jon fixed a delicious and nutritious meal of chicken & dumplings and after eating, Adeline has had a burst of energy.  She's been walking around and playing with Tulip.  I checked her temp before bed and it's down to 100.00!  I'm going to keep giving her meds throughout the night and hope her fever stays gone.  However, the doctor informed me that it's possible for her to run a fever for up to SEVEN days!  Although my sweet girl felt terrible, I still dressed her up in a cute Christmas outfit for her doctor visit and snapped a couple pictures.

She still knows how to smile for the camera!

I've got a lot of cuddling in the past couple of days, and even though I hate that she's sick, I have enjoyed the snuggle time.  She has fallen asleep in my arms twice and she NEVER does that anymore.  

Jon got a pic of us cuddling

Please pray that Adeline gets well soon and that Jon and I stay flu-free!

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  1. Glad it's nothing too serious and that she seems to be feeling better. Having a sick baby just breaks your heart!